Solving Business Financing Problems

Structured Business Financing provides debt financing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses and compliments with equity if required.

We act as your Chief Financing Officer through all stages of the financing process. Our business operating know-how, technical fundraising expertise, alignment, and connections with lenders is our firm’s core expertise. We configure the best financing options and solutions in the lending marketplace while removing the pain and roadblocks that firms often find in seeking financing.

Our firm was founded with a passion and expertise to help entrepreneurs and business owners of small to mid-size businesses (SME’s) obtain debt financing for working capital, managing growth, buying assets, mergers and acquisitions, equipment, construction projects, or restructuring debt and solving financial stress to emergency funding. If equity is required, we can also integrate equity as part of a partial or full funding solution.

Leading with debt, we minimize the added complications, time, and negotiations that can arise through equity-based investor-led funding approaches that can cause potential legal and ownership control issues.

We also work with Lenders to help develop with due diligence, business case assessments, and to develop proposals to support financing offers to their clients.

Value Added Integrated Financial Partner

Our team has over 100 years of senior lending industry and banking experience complimented by successful Executives, Investors, Managers, and Entrepreneurs. In addition to fundraising, we are active in operating businesses, M&A, business performance management, and are business mentors. Our know-how covers healthcare, construction and real estate, information technology, franchising, food processing, chemicals, paper, plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health care, and other manufacturing sectors.

How We Work and How We Get Paid:

Results Based Success

Structured Business Financing delivers results. We work quickly. We do not charge by the hour. You pay us based on our success.

You engage us, we do a feasibility assessment and give you a go/no opinion. If we do not deliver funding - - we don’t get paid.

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