How We Work and How We Get Paid - Results Based Fees

We are not traditional consultants who like to charge big retainer fees. We don’t string you along and drag things out.

Structured Financing delivers results. We work quickly. We don’t charge by the hour. You pay us for success which we jointly define at the outset of our engagement. The success-based approach means we’re aligned with our clients and incentivized to deliver results.

You engage us, we do a feasibility assessment and give you a go/no opinion. If we don’t deliver financing - - we don’t get paid.

Financing CFO Services

When you go it alone, you can miss things that significantly impact the success of your financing, or worse, are a “Deal Killer”.

We can provide Second Opinion Independent Advice and Financial Engineering expertise to align your financing with lenders and other sources of capital, and to avoid potential “Deal Killers”.

Leverage the knowledge and experience of our Structuring Specialists through our Financing CFO Services.

Take control of the wheel with any lender.

Let us help you achieve your financing goals.

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