Many experienced CFOs and business owners do not work in financing markets daily and can benefit from in-depth deal-making knowledge. Your accountant tells you one thing, your lawyer tells you another. We make sense of all the specialists' advice, quarterback, and connect business plans, and financing needs to financial terms and agreements. We can validate whether you are getting the best deal at the right price, given the prevailing market conditions.

We can review your financing request package, financing proposals you have obtained or negotiate terms sheets or final financing agreements. We will make recommendations to ensure your financing model aligns with lender terms and conditions and work with your accountants, lawyers, and financial team to get your financing completed quickly.

We can provide relevant experience and perspective for refinancing, develop business performance analytics and key performance indicators. Our operating experience can enhance your business operating performance improvement and growth initiatives, capital projects, workouts, turnaround, and M&A.

Our Services

  • Financing CFO - Independent Advice on Financing Matters
  • Determining the Financing Business Case Options and Feasibility
  • Designing and Packaging Financing Request Packages
  • Identifying Lenders aligned to Financing Requirements
  • Lender Negotiations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Management Buyout
  • Vendor Take Back Financing
  • Buyouts, Turnaround and Exit
  • Strategic Support
  • Next Level Growth Financing
How We Work and How We Get Paid:

Results Based Success

Structured Business Financing delivers results. We work quickly. We do not charge by the hour. You pay us based on our success.

You engage us, we do a feasibility assessment and give you a go/no opinion. If we do not deliver funding - - we don’t get paid.

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Take control of the wheel with any lender.

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