Financing is a project. We can do the heavy lifting and the blocking and tackling.

It takes time to prepare a proper financing package to present to lenders. It takes time to find the right lenders and to know which lenders match your business needs without going through trial and error. Business owners and Managers need to focus on running their businesses and avoid potential the time-consuming distraction of the financing project.

Structured Financing acts as your Structuring Specialist in a direct or complementary role to your Finance function. We can complete financial models, complete your business performance metrics analysis, create the financing package, screen lenders, and make presentations, shortlist term sheet offers, and negotiate final agreements.

We quarterback the process and “watch your back” to ensure you are getting the right financing in a good deal at the right price given the prevailing financial market conditions.

We will work alongside you, and our assistance will not reinvent the wheel. If you have done 80% of the work, we will help with the 20% to address any gaps to requirements.

Our Services

  • Structuring Specialist - Independent Advice on Financing Matters
  • Determining the Financing Business Case Options and Feasibility
  • Designing and Packaging Financing Request Packages
  • Identifying Lenders aligned to Financing Requirements
  • Lender Negotiations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Management Buyout
  • Vendor Take Back Financing
  • Buyouts, Turnaround and Exit
  • Strategic Support
  • Next Level Growth Financing
How We Work and How We Get Paid:

Results Based Success

Structured Business Financing delivers results. We work quickly. We do not charge by the hour. You pay us based on our deliverables.

You engage us, we do a feasibility assessment and give you a go/no opinion. If funding can't be delivered - - we don’t get paid funding fees.

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Take control of the wheel with any lender.

Let us help you achieve your financing goals.

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